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Group classes are perfect to increase interaction during the class and lower the price.

You will enjoy the convivial and study atmosphere, humor and a lot of interactions between the teacher and the other students.

After several weeks of classes, you will feel more comfortable in French and ready to connect with French people easily.

Join a first free class to experience it once before booking your session.

Looking for group classes? Choose your option

Conversation classes

Come learn what real, everyday French sounds like!


  • Various types of real life task-based activities in which you will develop your linguistic tools and learn specific vocabulary to supplement and facilitate your oral interactions with French people.

  • Each week a different topic related to everyday life or working life, cultural practices, society, current events.


Levels available:

- Intermediate (A2-B1):

Tuesday - 2p.m (Paris time)

Advanced (B2-C1):

Wednesday - 2p.m (Paris time)


General French classes

All what you need to feel more comfortable in French:

✓ Real life situations

✓ Grammar

✓ Pronunciation

✓ Oral and written comprehension

✓ Oral and written production

✓ Cultural and intercultural activities


Levels available:

- A0 (beginner)

- A1

- A2

- B1

- B2

Group class (general French or conversation) 15 €

50-minute session
Payment every 10 lessons
6 students maximum

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