My methodology is based on:

structured classes

- Learning plan for your specific needs and level

- Personalized follow-up between classes

- Progressive activities from understanding to speaking and writing



- Learning for the needs of everyday life

- Grammar and vocabulary are taught for the needs of


- Many interactions with the teacher and the other students

- Collaborative work between students

efficient and playful teaching

- Games are used as an efficient and motivating way to learn a language

- Linguistic skills are worked through games whenever it is useful in the learning process


- A large variety of  documents from real life is used to put the student in contact with  French language as it is really spoken in daily francophone culture


Travailler avec café

General French

For individuals of all levels: from complete beginners to advanced, from enjoying French as a new language to being able to communicate fluently and understanding the culture and history of the French-speaking world.

For professionals who need French for their work. My task-based learning method enable the student to achieve rapid autonomy in French both in the private and professional fields.


Conversation classes

This is a progressive course based on:

  • Various types of preparatory activities, including oral or written comprehension, vocabulary, surveys, pictures,etc. In order to develop ideas, linguistic tools and specific vocabulary to supplement and facilitate the oral interactions.

  • Structured and varied oral activities based on humor and exchange to interact over the topic with the teacher and the other students (for group classes). The topics can be related to everyday life or working life, cultural practices, society, current events.

  • For B1 - B2 - C1 levels


What does the prices include?

        All the prices below include: live sessions with me + self-study* sessions.

* What are self-study sessions?

  • Activities to prepare the live session or to carry on with the learning process after the live session.

  • Varied activities, such as discovering a document (text, audio, video) that will be used in class, specific exercises on a grammatical item, or writing and pronunciation practices.

  • Some of these activities will be sent to your instructor for correction and/or explanation.

  • This individual work allows to focus on activities that really require your instructor during the live sessions, such as communication, oral production, pronunciation correction, and any specific need for understanding and practicing the language.

General French / Conversation classes

You can decide whether you want to learn in individual sessions or to join another student or a group of the same level, in order to benefit from increased interactions during classes.

If you want to learn with a group, contact me to know if there is a group of your level currently working with me that you could join.

All the classes are held online within Zoom, an intuitive video conferencing and learning solution. 

The first class is a free 30-minute session so that you can discover my teaching methods and we can discuss your needs and expectations.


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